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Your Rapidshare download PORTABLE Free download will be in just a few minutes.. Accept as BookmarkDownload as PDF Print. by by Brian Ackerman. September. Download the update here. No one is quite sure why today, the 21st of September, is dubbed World Water Day. But whatever the reason, the focus is on reducing water waste and ensuring that available water is used efficiently and sustainably. Given the critical role water plays in all aspects of our daily lives, it is hard to think of a more appropriate day for a global celebration. In the United States, we are certainly guilty of overindulging. Per capita water consumption in the United States is nearly twice that of any other industrialized nation. By 2012, the United States will be using over 143 gallons of water per day per person. And over three-fourths of that water will be used for residential purposes. The fact is, we use water for washing dishes, bathing, heating and cooling homes, and flushing toilets. It can be used for recreation, farming, industrial, mining, and agricultural purposes. It can even be used to melt ice in winter and cool buildings in summer. But the one thing it cannot be used for is wasting. Water can be clean or dirty. But no matter what, it must be treated or purified to be drinkable. But, given our current heavy dependence on water, it is inevitable that a significant fraction of the water we use is lost to waste. In fact, the EPA estimates that it is wasteful water use that accounts for 80 to 90 percent of our water waste. When it comes to our waste, it is often times too little that is being wasted and more often than not it is too little that we are doing about it. Why Water Matters Think of the number of things that you do without ever considering the impact water has on them. Water is the source



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Renewable Energy By Godfrey Boyle Pdf Free Download Rapidshare.rar elieru

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