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Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi 2.202.rar



Size: 45.08 MB Description Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi 2.202.rar contains the following files: Features SYLENTH1 is a sample-based synthesizer plugin featuring eight DSP engines, optimized with five synth models: Synergy - a Hybrid Wav/RTP oscillator GMS - a Hybrid FM/PM monophonic oscillator Gem - a Hybrid Ring Modulator oscillator HEQ - a Hybrid EQ oscillator MCE - a Hybrid Multiple Closest Envelope oscillator SAD - a Hybrid Sawtooth/Saw Detector oscillator SGF - a Hybrid Sine GenFilter oscillator All the engines are on the synthesis level and some of them can be mixed together to create new sounds. Sound models are enhanced with optional LFOs and modulators, both of them can be used simultaneously. Synthesis SYLENTH1 synthesizes sounds using: Wavetable synthesizer (Wav oscillators) FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer (FM oscillators) Ring Modulation (Ring Oscillators) Sine (Saw) Detector (Saw oscillators) Closest Envelope (Closest Oscillators) Multiple Closest Envelope (Multiple Closest Oscillators) Hybrid (Mixture of two or more of the above engines) Wavetable FM (Wav oscillators + FM oscillators) Wavetable Ring Modulation (Wav oscillators + Ring Oscillators) Hybrid Sawtooth-Saw Detector (Wav oscillators + Saw oscillators) Hybrid (Wav oscillators + Multiple Closest Envelope oscillators) Pitch Bend Pitch Bend is an additional synthesis parameter used to modify the pitch of the sounds produced by SYLENTH1. Tables of available modulation/pitch-bend are arranged with similar sound categories, for example a modulation table for Oscis and Oscillators is located under Oscillators category. FX SYLENTH1 features a total of 15 different sound FX, grouped with a generic category. Category: Mixture Effects Effect: Lo-fi (Muffle), Electro, Low Buss, Glitch, Digital, Kick, Dop


Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi 2.202.rar [Extra Quality]

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